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Our Most Recent Amazing Encounter with Killer Whales ..Actually Killing a Sea Lion





Capt. Tom spotted this family of transient (meat eating/mammal killing) Orca. Capt. Dave, Gisele and Arielle jumped on our other vessel DolphinSafari.com to see them ourselves. We were in for a quite an experience. As we arrived, they were attacking and killing a large sea lion or small elephant seal (we couldn't tell which).
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The Orcas were killing a Sea Lion. Blood poured from the sea lion's head, and the Orcas tossed the now dead animal amongst themselves, giving the two calves a chance to 'play' with it. This introduces the calves to the job they will later have to assume. In this photo, the adults drag the dead animal through the water. We observed this repeatedly.
The Orcas repeatedly swam back and forth between our two boats. At one point, the largest Orca, a male went over to our underwater viewing POD and pressed his nose up to the glass. The passenger inside the POD said she could feel the vibration of their vocalizations underwater.
We saw many things that took our breath away, but one that really amazed us was when the largest of the Orca (probably the male) came over to our vessel (engines in neutral) and opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and tasted our propeller! When that didn't hold much of an attraction, he moved over to the other hull and did the same thing!



 "I just spent the most incredible morning I've enjoyed in a long while 'whale watching' from my kitchen in Montana! Thanks!"

"Capt. Dave, you are the best!  We came out with you last summer, and will have to wait another year before we can come back to CA...now with WWTV we can come on a Safari with you any day of the week! We all thank you!"

"I did one of these tours on June 25 and it was nothing less than AMAZING!!!!!  Thanks Captain Dave and First Mate Mark for the wonderful experience. Also, Mrs. Capt. Dave, thanks for the fudge brownies...they are the reason I booked the trip and it was worth it! :)"

"That was cool! Even my kids broke away from the tv to watch!!" 


"We didn't even clean house yesterday lol!"


"I was at work yesterday. Didn’t do a darn thing all day but watch this."

"We love watching it 

we are hooked ."

"I'm hanging on to my chair WHOAAAA!" 

" This is better than going to sea world!" 

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