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Blue The movie
Brief synopsis:

Blue is a not-yet-weaned, four-month-old, Blue Whale calf. Blue’s mother gets caught in a mile long gillnet and drowns, only 10 miles off the urban southern California coast. After her mother's shocking death, Blue begins mysteriously, relentlessly, following the gill net boat (Janet Rose) that accidentally drowned its mother. The forty-foot Blue Whale calf follows the fishermen around everywhere they go, even right into the harbor.


The crew of the Janet Rose - Mike, Bear and Josh - soon find fishing impossible because of Blue, and her entourage of news crews and researchers that follow her everywhere. Only Josh, a shy, thin, 11-year-old boy with a malformed leg, is happy about Blue. Josh is working two weeks, under protest; on his father Mike’s gill net boat. Josh fancies himself the next Crocodile Hunter and videotapes himself swimming with Blue and narrating in his best fake Australian accent. Josh understands what it is like to not have a mother and he falls in love with Blue at the same time that his father Mike, the tough hardworking skipper, and his giant, tattooed crewman Bear, realize that Blue must go.

Then Gretchen shows up – a beautiful government whale researcher who pressures the crew to take her with them fishing.  She has a plan to save the whale, which can only live a few weeks without its mother's milk. And to top it all off, Mike still hasn’t given Josh the news that Josh will soon be moving to Georgia, along with Mike’s sister Jackie. Jackie has been Josh’s primary caretaker since Josh’s mother died and now she is marrying a man in Georgia. Mike does not want to send his only child away but he is gone fishing for weeks at a time. Lives will be risked and forever changed because of Blue.  

Everyone takes turns being the hero and villain in this allegory of real life where, according to the WWF, a thousand whales and dolphins are currently dying every day in nets all over the world.


Estimated budget for Blue, is three million US dollars. Blue the screenplay was a semifinalist at the Page International Screenwriting Awards.  If any one has contacts in the film industry, i.e.Disney, etc. Any help will be most appreciated. As I said on our Mission page, a thousand dolphins and whales are dying every day, entangled in fishing gear, but very few people actually know about this. Blue will change that!

See a film clip by Capt. Dave that shows two different whales entangled in nets, and other animals who have been negatively impacted by water pollutionRays of hope shine through.   Music by Gary Rea

For more information or to make further inquiries, please email david@dolphinsafari.com

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"I did one of these tours on June 25 and it was nothing less than AMAZING!!!!!  Thanks Captain Dave and First Mate Mark for the wonderful experience. Also, Mrs. Capt. Dave, thanks for the fudge brownies...they are the reason I booked the trip and it was worth it! :)"

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